Secret Careers in Ministry Nobody Ever Applies For

When most people first consider careers in ministry, they mainly think about jobs as a pastor. There are many other positions you can pursue in the ministry besides being the head pastor of a church. The lead pastor and the youth pastor get all of the glory in a congregation, but churches hire people for many other positions in a church too. A small church may only have one person on staff, but churches with several hundred or several thousand members may hire people for a wide variety of positions.

If you don’t want to be a lead pastor, but you still want a career in the ministry, here are some jobs you can pursue today.

Ministry Coordinators or Associate Pastors
Large churches will hire pastors for a wide variety of roles. They may hire people who can lead various ministries at church. They may need someone who can head up the children’s ministry. Some congregations even hire people that can lead small group ministry, Sunday School classes, and various other ministries throughout the church.

Church Administrator
The primary purpose of a church is to lead the lost to Christ, but there is a business aspect to the church too. You need someone who understands money to handle all of the finances of the church body. This will free up your pastor to focus on the ministry of the church instead of the finances of the congregation. This is one of best paying careers in ministry you can get if you don’t want to be a pastor of a church.

Grounds Keeper or Administrative Duties
Larger buildings need regular maintenance. You need someone in the church who can cut the grass or hire a handyman to fix the issues in the building. You do not want your pastor to have to worry about all of these things when he is serving the community. In a small church, the pastor may do everything, but in larger congregations, there is a need for this position.

Music Directors
Music directors are responsible for the worship and music in the church services. They are often responsible for directing the choir too. Churches with thousands of people need people who can direct the congregation in worship, and this can be a full-time job. Most churches hire this person to work in a part-time capacity.

There are many careers in ministry you can pursue even if you don’t want to be a senior pastor. You should not pursue a career in ministry if you want to make a lot of money, but a career in serving the Lord is much more fulfilling than anything else you can do!