Bid Writing Courses

If you do a quick search engine check for “Bid Writing Courses” then you are likely to find a plethora of different training providers. How do you know which to choose? Well, there are various accreditation bodies and I would expect these training providers to be part of this and affiliated with them and audited by them in some kind of way. If they are very good training providers then I would expect people to be talking about them and writing about them either in the press or online so do your research and find a company to use which looks like they are offering what you are looking for. If you can ask for referrals from other happy customers, preferably those previous and ongoing clients who have specifically used these training providers for their inhouse team of Bid Production experts. This is because, in my opinion, it is better to use a Bid Writing training provider with actual practitioners providing the training. If the trainers themselves have worked and/or still work in industry then this is so much better. I would much rather be trained by a Bid Writing practitioner come trainer rather than a training who was given the course material to learn themselves and then impart to others but has never even set foot in industry or written Bid Documents for real clients in real scenarios.

Training For Bid Writers

It is important to be fully trained in the art of writing Bids and develop the necessary skills rather than write PQQ’s and Bids by trial and error, and end up coming unstuck at some point and lose Tenders for lucrative opportunities. To take a step back for a moment and commission an external Tender Writing company to take care of your company’s Bid Document until you have your Bid Writing team inhouse, is a very good idea.

Once you have found a good Bid Writing Training provider then your new inhouse Bid Writer can participate in the course as a learner.

Becoming An Expert

Once a learner as been through a Bid Writing Training Course it is advisable for them to keep learning on an ongoing basis. Skills and experience are gained over time with the correct training provision. In fact, many courses form a basic foundation from which further learning can be done. Becoming a PQQ and Bid Writing Expert will take years and years of experience and practice. So keep at it and never give up!

Finding a good Bid Writing Course is a good start for any budding practitioner.