Earn CNA Certification in Maine for Healthcare Career and Listing on the Nurse Aide Registry

Certified Nurse Aides are entry-level direct patient care workers, who perform nursing, and nursing assistant-related tasks in the licensed facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs and nursing homes, homes of the patients and various other types of healthcare settings. Maine laws and federal regulations require nursing assistants to be certified with CNA Certification in Maine, and registered with the Maine Registry for Certified Nursing Assistants in good standing to be eligible to perform entry-level nursing-related tasks and services. Department of Educational and Cultural Services (DECS) awards ME nurse aide Certification to successful nursing students.

However, there is an exception; nursing aides can work for a maximum of 4 months in a facility without a registration on the Registry, but they will have to submit training program participation documents to Registry. Nursing aides who have received NATP out-of-state can also apply for a temporary listing on the ME registry, pending appearance in the Bridge Exam. The temporary registration on the Registry will not be for more than 4 months.

Although, Maine ranks among the top 10 states with few New CNA Jobs, the state still requires a number of certified CNAs to work in varied health care settings. There are about 108 certified facilities, and 37 community hospitals and clinics in the state. Nurse Aides can always find employment opportunities in these facilities. In addition, 30.9% of the total ME population is 45 to 64 years of age, and 15.9% population are 65 years and above, according to the 2010 United States Census Bureau Summary File. The elderly people constantly require the services of nursing assistants to assist them with ADL and other routine cares.

Maine CNA Certification Requirements

In order to get certified and receive ME certification, a nursing aide must complete two crucial steps including:

  1. Successfully complete 180 hours Nurse Aide Training program including 90 hours of theoretical classroom course instruction, 20 hours of Lab training and 70 hours of supervised hands-on experience in a long-term care or licensed facility.
  2. Pass ME state Competency Evaluation Test.

Maine CNA Exam

ME competency evaluation exam is a 2-part test consisting a Written (or Oral) Test, and a Skills Test. The Written Test consists of multiple-choice questions, and the Skills Test requires demonstration of 5 randomly selected skills. Both parts of the test are independent of each other, and the nursing aide students must successfully pass both parts to be eligible for CNA Certification in Maine, and listing with the Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants.